Blog Post: 1/30/2021

By Alexander Diaz, LAc, FMP

As a medical practitioner, I feel it is important to share my view on the most pressing issue of our current time:  The Wuhan Flu and the Experimental Vaccine.  This includes the actual virus/vax data, the psychological pandemic that its handling has produced, and the economic fallout that continues to devastate our communities.

The Wuhan Flu itself is not nearly as deadly as the corporate propaganda machine and its government servitors make it out to be; indeed, according to CDC data, almost all the deaths ascribed to Wuhan Flu are also deaths from Pneumonia.  Many thousands of deaths, perhaps hundreds of thousands, are ascribed to Wuhan Flu without actually being proven as such.  A simple check-mark by the doctor is enough to count it as a proven Wuhan death.  The numbers are heavily inflated, and used to fan the flames of fear, allowing a devious global agenda to unfold.

The test that most people have been taking is a nasal swab.  It is not a specific or accurate test.  And it doesn’t really show if a person is infected.  Just that they have been exposed.  It shows false positives often.  The inventor of the test mysteriously died.  So the epistemological basis of our accounting of cases is totally inaccurate.  However, this also supports the corporate agenda, making the Wuhan Flu appear far more grievous than it really is.

Huge amounts of people were dying from pneumonia, before the Wuhan Flu.  Around 80,000 U.S. Citizens per year were also dying from Influenza.  Heart disease is strongly linked to pollution, and it was the number one killer.  Our country and other nations did not shut down the economy nor did they take effective action to combat these leading causes of death.  This even as the morbidity and mortality of those causes increased each year, and the bacteria and viruses causing pneumonia grew stronger and more resilient.

Treatment of the Wuhan Flu in hospitals is quite poor, relying on isolation in ICUs and the use of ventilators, ignoring the merits of herbal medicine, immune support, vitamin and mineral therapy, stem cell therapy, and useful drugs like Hydroxycholorquine.  Meanwhile, places that have utilized the above interventions are seeing very low numbers of Wuhan Flu deaths.
The experimental vaccines that are being pushed and even forced on people (for example, to work for a large corporation, you must adhere to corporate policy and receive the experimental vax) are admittedly ineffective in preventing transmission of the virus.  They were rail-roaded through the normal verifications and testing processes, and the companies who make them are exempt from liability.  In fact, a taxpayer based government subsidy is in place to make payments if the experimental vax kills or injures a patient.

Moreover, the experimental vax may seriously harm the placenta or cause chronic miscarraiges, among other major concerns.  It has not been proven to not do so, and there is suspicion that it does so.  Previous coronavirus vaccines in animal trials circa 2002 caused a 30% death rate when the vaccinated population was exposed to wild strains of the virus (SARS) three months after administration.

Yet, people are rushing to take the experimental vax, and even competing to grab the rare doses.  The propaganda machine runs so deep that all anti-vax viewpoints are immediately censored and removed from social media platforms.  Credentialed, veteran medical doctors and PHDs of epidemiology are routinely silenced, black listed, and removed from their jobs without due cause, simply for questioning the experimental vax.  Our new president, historically a corporate pawn, has promised to vaccinate everyone.

Mask mandates are scientifically useless.  Masks are improperly worn, worn for too long, and miss the most pertinent fact of the pandemic:  This is an airborne, rather than a droplet, disease.  Otherwise, how would so many hospital staff, who are supposedly protected to the highest level, contract it?  Why has our logic not yet encompassed this basic challenge to the mask paradigm, despite real evidence?

Next we must examine the psychological pandemic.  In the book, “Blue Zones,” the authors found that the key to longevity was loving human connection; place, significance, membership, participation, and face to face interaction.  The quarantines have made the basic human need of social gathering into a criminal act.  Ironically, this seriously decreases immunity.  Further irony ensues from the fact that the highest risk populations were already the most socially isolated, such as the elderly.

Moreover, without basic in-person institutions such as church, NA, AA, Martial Arts schools, gyms, etc., the life-line of sanity for many psychologically at-risk people is removed.  They more easily slip back into negative patterns.  Most suicides occur from people who feel and are very isolated.  And in deed, suicides are at an all time high.  As is drug abuse.

With a bit of extra cash from a stimulus check and nothing to do and nowhere to go, its really easy to return to a drug habit.  Once again, why does the society shut down to prevent 70,000 Wuhan Flu deaths but not shut down and take drastic efforts to prevent 70,000 opiate overdose deaths?  Fentanyl and other opiates, both legal and illegal, are killing people at record rates.  There is also vast profit being made by pharmaceutical companies and doctors, who are heavily implicated in the addiction pandemic.  But because the global banking system relies on drug money, laundered by complex financial instruments, the drug epidemic is actually fostered, rather than being combatted.

Many people are not actively killing themselves but instead letting themselves slip into lassitude and a slow death.  These numbers will not be counted; in deed they may actually be ascribed as covid deaths, but the real cause of death is dismay, loneliness, hopelessness and despair.  All due to the shut down of normal life.

And perhaps most grievous of all is the psychological impact on children; this generation of high school kids don’t get to rebel or do the rights of passage or express themselves, don’t get to court romantic partners, wrestle or compete, any of the things they need.  The younger kids suffer even worse; not seeing any other adults or kids without masks on causes severe cognitive and empathic deficits.  And this is the most important of all intelligences to cultivate.  Children learn to hate and resent school and learning.  The entire educational model is based on teaching them to sit in front of a computer screen and do tasks that are largely make-work oriented.  This will ill prepare them for the rapidly changing economic world they will face.

We also witness a rise in violence; in gun related crime, assault and battery, especially within family units now stuck together without recourse, and mob related violence, viz the attack on the capitol building and many other notable street scenes of madness and murder.

Finally we come to the economic implications of the pandemic and the shut down.  Counting unemployment claims and the chronically under-employed or not-even-looking-for-work people, its something like 50million USA citizens in poverty.  Many fully employed people are also living in poverty, often without shelter, simply because the cost of food and other basic necessities is so high.  So realistically, we could have 100,000,000 impoverished adults, and that doesn’t count children, elderly, and disabled people, who are dependent on those wage earners.

At one point in September, 40,000,000 households [read: more than 1 person in most of those households] were at risk of being evicted.  This on top of around 12,000,000 unhoused people before the pandemic.

Now, its hard to assess whether the quarantines and shut downs have actually stopped the spread of the pandemic.  They may have successfully delayed its spread and ‘flattened the curve,’ allowing hospitals (who were woefully unprepared for ICU capacity due to profit motivated cuts and policies) to not be overwhelmed by Wuhan Flu cases.  However, the shut downs are ineffective in stopping the pandemic for a very simple mathematical reason:

An average of 150,000 people in the US get Covid per week.  Whether that test is accurate or not, lets just use it as a number.  But many people in populated areas are realizing that they will not access a vaccine for about 2 years.  (104 weeks).  So around 15,600,000 people will contract Covid at that rate before vaccination is complete.  And of course, the more people who have it, the faster it will spread.

Confounding factors include the sad fact that the vaccine may prevent the patient from having deadly symptoms of Wuhan Flu (or it may not!) but it decidedly does not prevent transmission.  So even if we vaccinate it will not stop the spread.  Ironically, people who achieve the vaccine are much more likely to feel safe and let down their guard, causing them to spread it more readily.  There is only so much shut down a person can take, and the more it is motivated by personal safety, rather than community safety, the more ready a person is to shut down.  That’s just human nature.

My basic point is that the virus is spreading super fast, and the vaccines are largely unavailable to many people who think they need them.  And the numbers are suspect; I think in 20 years if the propaganda machine is not total, we will realize that almost all of us were exposed to and defeated the virus via our innate immune systems.  So the shut down didn’t really work to prevent the spread; it just destroyed the economy.

The crazy paradox is that the stock market is at an all time high.  Why is this?  Its basically a fictional gambling game, and people get bamboozled into investment when they see a bull run.  But when it contracts again, the largest companies will hold cash reserves and pick up those stocks for pennies on the dollars, again increasing their market share after all the suckers lose out.  It has happened again and again.

On the ground, back in reality, we don’t produce anything.  Our employment in the US is based on the service industry and white collar work.  As hundreds of thousands of retail stores, restaurants, and luxury services have closed down and failed due to quarantine, all those people are out of a job and do not possess relevant skill sets for further employment.

As for the white collar work we are facing a horrible elephant in the room and almost nobody is seeing it:  Every one of the say, 50million white collar employees who works from home is expecting a wage and benefits package that is commensurate with the cost of living in the USA.  But the companies who employ those people are very calculating:  They realize they can shut down their expensive in-person offices and the employees will be happy to keep on working from home.  This saves money.  But once you make work a remote option, why not simply hire foreign workers for a fraction of the cost?  How many industries have already been devastated by this off-shoring of jobs, just as soon as the technology exists to enable it?  Call centers, Computer Science and coding, so many industries have suffered US Job loss in order to economize and maximize profit.

So all the white collar workers in the USA have to strive and climb the ladder to the point where they are so essential to the company that they are worth receiving continued employment.  All the lesser employees will be left behind.  And as foreigners enjoy US college and graduate degrees and speak perfect English, they can even eclipse the higher value US employees for a cost savings.  Lo and behold, this makes organizing for workers’ rights a complete impossibility; there are often 1000 eligible persons ready to take over if you so much as complain.

Meanwhile, jobs are automated; many by A.I., and many by robots.  We are looking at a near future where almost all jobs will be either unnecessary or replaceable.  There is a lawyer AI, a robot McDonalds servant, even android police units.  So what happens to the people?

Some people say that current events are due to the machinations of a cabal of evil men in power; the high priests of the technocracy, the billionaires and their government pawns.  Others ascribe current trends to an inexorable flow of history, the natural outcome of end-stage empire and capitalism.  Regardless of the power behind the change, the result is the same:  around 80% of humanity unemployed, with no access to official shelter, medicine, water, security, etc. and no way to obtain access, save a dog-eat-dog vicious struggle to become a corporate drone and begin climbing the ladder.  Sadly, their service to the corporate cabal only furthers global inequity.  And all this within a context of environmental collapse, where basic soil systems, fisheries and aquifers are rapidly destroyed.

So in essence, the Wuhan flu and the complete shit-show response by the fools in charge, and the complacent muggle-stepping of the masses, simply highlight pre-existing movements towards chaos and the end of global civilization.

The tragedies of WWII and the two decades that followed, which included hundreds of millions of untimely deaths due to famine, war, and the collapse of nations, occurred within a relatively tame and empty world.  Only 2.3billion people were living in 1939, and the pressures of an engineered financial collapse caused around 75million immediate deaths, with perhaps double that in the aftermath [read: Chinese and Indian Famine, revolutions, etc.]

So with the current population of more than 8billion (and rising fast, despite Wuhan Flu), we can easily expect hundreds of millions of deaths from the standard 4 horsemen of apocalypses.  Differences between 1939 and today include that a far higher percentage of people in the past lived from their land and were thus, less vulnerable to vicissitudes of the global financial system and food systems.  And that our planetary environment is in much less resilient shape now.  Ironically, the more desperate people become, the more trees they cut down for fuel, (due to no longer having access to natural gas/petrol etc, products of the global economy)., they harvest more animals, and even have more children.  This further stresses the planet.  Just look at the fires constantly burning around the world; yes, some of them are fueled by climate change induced drought.  But many others are caused by slash and burn herdsmen wanting to create pasturage for cattle in unexploited rainforest habitat.

So its a super grim reality.  And easy cause for depression and ennui.  But there are solutions.  My future blogs will be largely based on these solutions.  They start with individual health and spiritual wellness, extend to the blessing-up and empowerment of communities, despite Wuhan Flu restrictions, and eventually encompass our shadow-collective; the ideal and goal of a patchwork of privately owned human sanctuaries specializing in permaculture, food and water resilience, basic rights, species stewardship, and the nourishment of a global alliance of healer-warriors dedicated to caring for our planet and preserving the best of human culture.

Our future is in the stars, and safe at home, on a planet we love and cherish, all together, in peace.  We are so close to free energy, water (oxygen) powered rockets, the conquest of cancer, heart disease, all communicable diseases, etc.  We have the technology.  This time on earth’s history is crucial.  That’s why I am choosing total empowerment and love.  I am choosing a mission of togetherness and compassion and dedicating whole-heartedly to the safety of my family, my land, and all species.  It is time to align for God’s purpose and this is also the Goddess and the deity without gender.  In this, I have total faith in humanity.  The question is: do you choose to survive and thrive, to join this conscious effort to save our homes, to create life and space for others to thrive along with you, in a resilient and empowered wholeness?  Or do you attach to the end-state ennui and nihilism espoused by the false prophets of media and corporate greed?

It is time to break free.  Who is coming with me?

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