Our home grows steadily towards sustainability, peace, and public wellness. From the mountains of British Colombia to the Bay Area in California, from the river sheds of Idaho to the Hawaiian Archipelago, wisdom and trust guide our unfolding into the future.

By Alexander Diaz, LAc, FMP

Even while other parts of the U.S. descend into resource-extraction, income inequality, and environmental degradation, Cascadialoha makes tremendous strides forward to heal people and planet.  Our local laws protect underground aquifers, wildlife habitats, and waterways.  Our companies create new technologies and streamline manufacturing, to improve our transportation, healthcare, agriculture, and way of life. 

Cascadialoha’s people increase in health, wealth, freedom and happiness.  We witness sustained longevity with high quality of life as we expand the Blue Zones of good diet, environment, and community.  We heed the wisdom of our elders while constantly generating new paradigms of culture and sustainability.

Our youth, freed from the strictures of standard schooling, use the best of modern technology and ancient methods to attain true knowledge.  Children and young adults also learn non-violent communication, respect for the land, and the value of their own participation in the communal life.  Each generation heals more of the cultural wounds endemic to our society, passing a healthier and happier story onto their children.  Those children are born naturally, and raised on clean food, water, air, and lots of love.

Successful measures from other environmentally-friendly nations are modeled in our own society, increasing the taxes for citizens living beyond our environmental means, and using those funds to underwrite vast public works.  This provides an incentive for living humbly, while helping people concentrate on family fun, rather than wealth attainments.  Our environment becomes cleaner and healthier in the process. 

The habitats of species are protected and increased.  This not only benefits the species and the food webs they are involved in.  It also benefits the human community, as we experience profound personal catharsis in the wilderness.  We also derive thousands of valuable medicines from the intact, thriving ecosystem, that prolong life and wellness. 

Our medical care also models successful templates from abroad.  We meld eastern, western and new-paradigm medicine into a functional whole.  For a realistic cost, we provide the most effective treatment to patients.  These patients are also the beneficiaries of public exercise and education programs, a happy society, and a healthy, balanced environment. 

Our transportation system becomes the best in the world.  High speed rail spans the distance between north and south in a matter of hours, rather than days.  Local electric railways make city living enjoyable and stress-free, coupled with automated electric taxis and ample bike and walking lanes. 

As city centers, small towns and regions convert to sustainable transport, education, healthcare, and environmental protection, they become attractive places for emigration.  These emigrants boost property values, add to the tax base, and most importantly, contribute their work, culture, and sharing to the collective whole.  Our society becomes poly-lingual and poly-cultural, adding richness and depth to the experience of living together. 

Across the board, Cascadialoha decriminalizes all drugs.  We shift to the treatment of drug addiction as a disease, rather than the prosecution of drugs as a crime.  Our prison populations drop by 90%, saving tons of money and liberating hundreds of thousands of motivated young people, all of whom receive the support they need to make true gifts to the society.  Our production of high grade, legalized plant medicines becomes a vast financial nourishment, underwriting the social and environmental programs necessary for Cascadialoha to thrive.

Cascadialoha determines that it is not necessary to secede from the U.S..  However, it supports tax-refusals by individual citizens and companies, while blocking federal tax-agents and law enforcement from operation within Cascadialoha states, on fully legal and constitutional bases.  Further, we make strides towards the limitations of military bases and the strict control of environmental degradation via those centers. 

This time is a precious time.  It is a holy time.  We are at the precipice of something great.  In this cusp moment, our efforts must join together to create a wholesome and vital future for our children’s children.  With work, heart, and participation, we can create a society and a landscape that is a beacon for hope, education, environmentalism, and public welfare. 

The money, intelligence, technology, human capital, and desire are all present for the unfolding of this Cascadialoha Future.  In many ways, it is already happening.  Our work right now as Earth Healers is to keep building and reifying the story of a benevolent society, and to find the way that each of us can personally contribute to its creation. 

Simply by envisioning this future, and holding to the strong possibility of a near term creation of this sustainable world, we help manifest it.  I believe that we absolutely can create and ARE CREATING this world, right now.  As such, let us stay positive, dwell in trust and honor for the earth and eachother, and make our planet and our people totally healthy and well. 

Alexander Diaz is a Physician, Husband, Father, Son, Friend, and sometime Sage, residing on Hawaii.  His book, “The Path of Man: How to be a Hero,” is available on

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