Does Acupuncture Hurt?

We practice a very gentle, patient-centered approach to needling.  Sensations of energy movement, activation, and a dull, soft ache most often give way to a total-body relaxation that makes patients feel refreshed and invigorated.  Further, any needle that does cause discomfort can be removed at any time, as determined by the patient.  

Can I afford Functional Medicine?

Though patients do pay out of pocket for certain specific exams and lab tests, the Functional Medicine approach can be used with basic, pre-existing medical data that most patients already possess, or can obtain through their  insurance coverage. And while this data is important, the commitment and effort of the patient in changing her or his lifestyle, diet, sleep, stress and exercise, as well as mindfulness, are the keys to making big improvements in health.  

How does Acupuncture actually work?

A single and contiguous system connects all the muscles and organs of the body.  Known as ‘Connective Tissue,’ this system transmits piezo-electric currents throughout the patient.  By inserting needles at key points, we send signals for healing, immune function, and tissue-regeneration, down the paths of least resistance, otherwise known as meridians.  With modern scientific proof and thousands of years of clinical success, acupuncture is a highly effective medical modality.

Will I receive massage?

Every session in our clinic includes a body-work segment uniquely tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

Can I use Acupuncture and Herbs if I am already being treated by a doctor?

Yes.  Traditional Chinese Medicine is a perfect augment therapy to Biomedical treatment.  It also supports natural healing of root-issues that would otherwise be medicated or surgically treated.  Further, it assists in symptom management and the balancing of pharmaceutical related side-effects.