Videos (added late December, 2020)


This is a Roth-Venture-Capital plan to displace much of the Jedi order to overseas locations where we can build a healthier society as the balance of global civilization falls apart.


This video discusses a real plan for peace in the Middle East as well as a harmonic and long-term success for the existence of a Jewish Homeland, earned through the ancient Chinese Method of Tribute and Guan-Xi, plus permaculture and human development. 


This is a description of my long term life goal: the creation of an academy for youth, in the mountains, to honor and replicate the successes of ancient Wudang, and the modern academies of Dagestan, as well as the ancient Indian Gurukulas and the top schools of the British Empire.


This is a response to the challenge that so many of us are having during the covid era in our parenting.  I’m very concerned about the development of children during this time so here are some things I have learned and some suggestions for home-schooling.


This is a game of luck and skill, fun for the whole family.  It uses biblical references and modern history to create a complex game-theory based competition with multiple win conditions.  Its also very cheap:  You need a box of plastic dreidels, 2 wooden large dreidels, 1 spinning top, about 10 (six sided) dice, 8 quarters, and around 300 pennies or nickels, plus two mason jar lids and two pieces of cardboard, and two slats of wood or laminate flooring for the side-run, plus some books for the outer borders.  The rules are free and can be obtained simply by emailing with subject line, “Battle Dreidel Rules,”.


This is some off-hand use of the traditional karambit of indonesia, slowly, for cognitive development.


This is some double sword style for cognitive development and also because machetes are commonly carried by people in the tropics and are actually likely to be used in fighting.


This is the use of dirty boxing and leg checks vs the double end ball. 


This is Health-Coach and West-Coast Swami, Ram Dev Narasimha, doing his epic capoeria.  (This man is nearly 40 years old).  His coaching radically transforms your life, embracing sacred sexuality and tantric touch, optimizing training schedule and diet, and harmonizing ethics with the sanskrit manner of old.  He is available at (619) 981-0673.