Description of Services

With 13 years of clinical experience and training in many disciplines, we are proud to offer a host of supportive health services to our patients, as needed, on an individual basis.


Acupuncture is an ancient healing art from China.  We insert needles or simply touch at specific points along lines of physical energy known as ‘meridians’.  The needles stimulate the flow of energy through the meridian. This brings blood, oxygen and immune factors to the muscles, organs and other tissues along the line.  Acupuncture releases neuro-muscular trigger points, relieving tension and pain.  It also aligns the functioning of cardiovascular, digestive, lymphatic, and other body systems in harmony.  It is a very safe and effective therapy.


We offer Trigger Point and Connective tissue massage work along with auxiliary muscular therapies, such as cupping and gua-sha.  These manual therapies break up scar tissue, improve body symmetry and function, and bring healing to areas of acute and chronic pain.  All acupuncture sessions include a significant bodywork portion.  Cranio-sacral therapy and internal organ massage bring deep relief to PTSD, traumatic brain injury, birth challenges, and internal pathologies of all kinds.

herbal Medicine

Our apothecary is stocked with Organic, lab-tested, quality assured medicinal herbs.  Each patient receives his or her individualized formula, specific not only to their ongoing pathology, but personal constitution and ability to digest and utilize the medicines.  Herbal therapy is a crucial, perhaps central element of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is often used in conjunction with other treatments.  It can also be an affordable, stand-alone therapy for long term patients unable to maintain a schedule of private appointments.

Functional medicine

Using modern laboratory tests and scientific data, Functional Medicine utilizes a holistic life-style and natural remedy-based approach to healing biomedical pathologies.  Such pathologies include diabetes, heart disease, gastro-esophageal reflux, metabolic syndrome, auto-immune disorders and many others.  In partnership with internal-medicine primary care practitioners and specialists, we strive to create a clear, achievable action plan for total health and life transformation.  More data allows us to hone-in on success strategies that optimize wellness.  Greater wellness creates a more empowered quest for our destiny.

nutritional therapy

Patients thrive with day-to-day support in meal planning, and understandable, compassionate check-ins about their agreements and efforts in pursuit of health.  Further, we offer the highest quality, organic meals and snacks for delivery and storage in your fridge and freezer.  Backed by 17 years of experience as a personal chef, health coach, and Nutritional Therapist, Melissa Solar Greene nourishes lasting relationships for wellness and success.  Melissa is particularly passionate about pre- and post-natal nutrition for mothers and babies.


our referral network

Our dedicated referral network includes the elite of biomedical and natural medicine practitioners in the Willamette valley.  MDs with over 40 years experience, RNs with 30 years experience, highly skilled veteran bodyworkers, counselors, physical trainers, and spirit-medicine workers comprise the team of well known, beloved colleagues eager and ready to take on new patients and support their absolute care.  Treatments at Corvallis Acupuncture and Functional Medicine Clinic always offer the widest range of community based support and network directly with co-managers of patient care under full HIPAA privacy compliance.  We work together to support your health.