In Functional Medicine, the nervous system is an important factor in the total health of a person.  When the nervous system is functioning well, cortisol levels stay within the optimum range.  This creates a series of down-stream effects that harmonize and regulate functions like immunity, heart rate, thyroid secretions, blood sugar regulation, and sex hormones.


Every so often I feel the need to synthesize and understand the chaos that is unfolding in our global society.  As a father, I feel that it behooves me to be aware of the world situation, and make good decisions to help my family and community thrive within this shifting context.  Although the common narrative bespeaks a grim and uncertain future, there are many beacons of hope.  And while the U.S.A. continues to make poor choices in its foreign and domestic policies, an alliance of global actors are moving towards a new hegemony, wherein whole planetary wellness is a top priority.


Thanks and blessing to all the brave souls supporting the healing of Tropical Storm Harvey’s damage in the Gulf States. And warm compassion to the families suffering without food, water, shelter, and safety.


Yesterday, many bemoaned the ascendance of Donald Trump to the position of U.S. President. Today, millions of women and supporting men take to the streets in protest marches, concerned with the implications of Trump’s leadership upon their daily lives. Americans and world commentators are occupied with a dramatic change of the guard. Meanwhile, the true shift of power is occurring, globally, while we are distracted by this unfortunate charade.


Our home grows steadily towards sustainability, peace, and public wellness. From the mountains of British Colombia to the Bay Area in California, from the river sheds of Idaho to the Hawaiian Archipelago, wisdom and trust guide our unfolding into the future.


Longevity, including the number of years we live and the quality of that life, is so precious.  Persons of all ages benefit from nourishing their wellness to increase longevity.  Every human being is a healer; a gift to the planet and to others.  Each soul has wisdom and work to share.  By shifting our narrative and embracing wholesome practices, we can live in great health past 100 years of age.