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The Path of Man: How to Be a Hero

“The Path of Man: How to be a Hero,” is a self-help book for Men. From Marriage to Buying Property to Finances to Martial Arts, “The Path of Man,” offers wisdom and advice on the most important topics in many men’s lives. Through pragmatic examples of physical and mental training methods, philosophical discussions, and metric progress measurements, “The Path of Man,” helps Men to optimize every aspect of their personal journey. Men witness the sovereign and divine value of their own hearts, and move towards a rooted, powerful brotherhood that spans national borders. As we Men walk the path of Mastery, we join forces to create lasting change on planet earth, and steward all life and species for the next generations.  

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The Chronicles of Mechanos

Animal friends work to protect the forest from a dysfunctional monkey Empire using medicine, kung fu and hip hop arts.

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