Blog Post: 1/30/2021

By Alexander Diaz, LAc, FMP

As a medical practitioner, I feel it is important to share my view on the most pressing issue of our current time:  The Wuhan Flu and the Experimental Vaccine.  This includes the actual virus/vax data, the psychological pandemic that its handling has produced, and the economic fallout that continues to devastate our communities.

The Wuhan Flu itself is not nearly as deadly as the corporate propaganda machine and its government servitors make it out to be; indeed, according to CDC data, almost all the deaths ascribed to Wuhan Flu are also deaths from Pneumonia.  Many thousands of deaths, perhaps hundreds of thousands, are ascribed to Wuhan Flu without actually being proven as such.  A simple check-mark by the doctor is enough to count it as a proven Wuhan death.  The numbers are heavily inflated, and used to fan the flames of fear, allowing a devious global agenda to unfold.

The test that most people have been taking is a nasal swab.  It is not a specific or accurate test.  And it doesn’t really show if a person is infected.  Just that they have been exposed.  It shows false positives often.  The inventor of the test mysteriously died.  So the epistemological basis of our accounting of cases is totally inaccurate.  However, this also supports the corporate agenda, making the Wuhan Flu appear far more grievous than it really is.

Huge amounts of people were dying from pneumonia, before the Wuhan Flu.  Around 80,000 U.S. Citizens per year were also dying from Influenza.  Heart disease is strongly linked to pollution, and it was the number one killer.  Our country and other nations did not shut down the economy nor did they take effective action to combat these leading causes of death.  This even as the morbidity and mortality of those causes increased each year, and the bacteria and viruses causing pneumonia grew stronger and more resilient.

Treatment of the Wuhan Flu in hospitals is quite poor, relying on isolation in ICUs and the use of ventilators, ignoring the merits of herbal medicine, immune support, vitamin and mineral therapy, stem cell therapy, and useful drugs like Hydroxycholorquine.  Meanwhile, places that have utilized the above interventions are seeing very low numbers of Wuhan Flu deaths.
The experimental vaccines that are being pushed and even forced on people (for example, to work for a large corporation, you must adhere to corporate policy and receive the experimental vax) are admittedly ineffective in preventing transmission of the virus.  They were rail-roaded through the normal verifications and testing processes, and the companies who make them are exempt from liability.  In fact, a taxpayer based government subsidy is in place to make payments if the experimental vax kills or injures a patient.

Moreover, the experimental vax may seriously harm the placenta or cause chronic miscarraiges, among other major concerns.  It has not been proven to not do so, and there is suspicion that it does so.  Previous coronavirus vaccines in animal trials circa 2002 caused a 30% death rate when the vaccinated population was exposed to wild strains of the virus (SARS) three months after administration.

Yet, people are rushing to take the experimental vax, and even competing to grab the rare doses.  The propaganda machine runs so deep that all anti-vax viewpoints are immediately censored and removed from social media platforms.  Credentialed, veteran medical doctors and PHDs of epidemiology are routinely silenced, black listed, and removed from their jobs without due cause, simply for questioning the experimental vax.  Our new president, historically a corporate pawn, has promised to vaccinate everyone.

Mask mandates are scientifically useless.  Masks are improperly worn, worn for too long, and miss the most pertinent fact of the pandemic:  This is an airborne, rather than a droplet, disease.  Otherwise, how would so many hospital staff, who are supposedly protected to the highest level, contract it?  Why has our logic not yet encompassed this basic challenge to the mask paradigm, despite real evidence?

Next we must examine the psychological pandemic.  In the book, “Blue Zones,” the authors found that the key to longevity was loving human connection; place, significance, membership, participation, and face to face interaction.  The quarantines have made the basic human need of social gathering into a criminal act.  Ironically, this seriously decreases immunity.  Further irony ensues from the fact that the highest risk populations were already the most socially isolated, such as the elderly.

Moreover, without basic in-person institutions such as church, NA, AA, Martial Arts schools, gyms, etc., the life-line of sanity for many psychologically at-risk people is removed.  They more easily slip back into negative patterns.  Most suicides occur from people who feel and are very isolated.  And in deed, suicides are at an all time high.  As is drug abuse.

With a bit of extra cash from a stimulus check and nothing to do and nowhere to go, its really easy to return to a drug habit.  Once again, why does the society shut down to prevent 70,000 Wuhan Flu deaths but not shut down and take drastic efforts to prevent 70,000 opiate overdose deaths?  Fentanyl and other opiates, both legal and illegal, are killing people at record rates.  There is also vast profit being made by pharmaceutical companies and doctors, who are heavily implicated in the addiction pandemic.  But because the global banking system relies on drug money, laundered by complex financial instruments, the drug epidemic is actually fostered, rather than being combatted.

Many people are not actively killing themselves but instead letting themselves slip into lassitude and a slow death.  These numbers will not be counted; in deed they may actually be ascribed as covid deaths, but the real cause of death is dismay, loneliness, hopelessness and despair.  All due to the shut down of normal life.

And perhaps most grievous of all is the psychological impact on children; this generation of high school kids don’t get to rebel or do the rights of passage or express themselves, don’t get to court romantic partners, wrestle or compete, any of the things they need.  The younger kids suffer even worse; not seeing any other adults or kids without masks on causes severe cognitive and empathic deficits.  And this is the most important of all intelligences to cultivate.  Children learn to hate and resent school and learning.  The entire educational model is based on teaching them to sit in front of a computer screen and do tasks that are largely make-work oriented.  This will ill prepare them for the rapidly changing economic world they will face.

We also witness a rise in violence; in gun related crime, assault and battery, especially within family units now stuck together without recourse, and mob related violence, viz the attack on the capitol building and many other notable street scenes of madness and murder.

Finally we come to the economic implications of the pandemic and the shut down.  Counting unemployment claims and the chronically under-employed or not-even-looking-for-work people, its something like 50million USA citizens in poverty.  Many fully employed people are also living in poverty, often without shelter, simply because the cost of food and other basic necessities is so high.  So realistically, we could have 100,000,000 impoverished adults, and that doesn’t count children, elderly, and disabled people, who are dependent on those wage earners.

At one point in September, 40,000,000 households [read: more than 1 person in most of those households] were at risk of being evicted.  This on top of around 12,000,000 unhoused people before the pandemic.

Now, its hard to assess whether the quarantines and shut downs have actually stopped the spread of the pandemic.  They may have successfully delayed its spread and ‘flattened the curve,’ allowing hospitals (who were woefully unprepared for ICU capacity due to profit motivated cuts and policies) to not be overwhelmed by Wuhan Flu cases.  However, the shut downs are ineffective in stopping the pandemic for a very simple mathematical reason:

An average of 150,000 people in the US get Covid per week.  Whether that test is accurate or not, lets just use it as a number.  But many people in populated areas are realizing that they will not access a vaccine for about 2 years.  (104 weeks).  So around 15,600,000 people will contract Covid at that rate before vaccination is complete.  And of course, the more people who have it, the faster it will spread.

Confounding factors include the sad fact that the vaccine may prevent the patient from having deadly symptoms of Wuhan Flu (or it may not!) but it decidedly does not prevent transmission.  So even if we vaccinate it will not stop the spread.  Ironically, people who achieve the vaccine are much more likely to feel safe and let down their guard, causing them to spread it more readily.  There is only so much shut down a person can take, and the more it is motivated by personal safety, rather than community safety, the more ready a person is to shut down.  That’s just human nature.

My basic point is that the virus is spreading super fast, and the vaccines are largely unavailable to many people who think they need them.  And the numbers are suspect; I think in 20 years if the propaganda machine is not total, we will realize that almost all of us were exposed to and defeated the virus via our innate immune systems.  So the shut down didn’t really work to prevent the spread; it just destroyed the economy.

The crazy paradox is that the stock market is at an all time high.  Why is this?  Its basically a fictional gambling game, and people get bamboozled into investment when they see a bull run.  But when it contracts again, the largest companies will hold cash reserves and pick up those stocks for pennies on the dollars, again increasing their market share after all the suckers lose out.  It has happened again and again.

On the ground, back in reality, we don’t produce anything.  Our employment in the US is based on the service industry and white collar work.  As hundreds of thousands of retail stores, restaurants, and luxury services have closed down and failed due to quarantine, all those people are out of a job and do not possess relevant skill sets for further employment.

As for the white collar work we are facing a horrible elephant in the room and almost nobody is seeing it:  Every one of the say, 50million white collar employees who works from home is expecting a wage and benefits package that is commensurate with the cost of living in the USA.  But the companies who employ those people are very calculating:  They realize they can shut down their expensive in-person offices and the employees will be happy to keep on working from home.  This saves money.  But once you make work a remote option, why not simply hire foreign workers for a fraction of the cost?  How many industries have already been devastated by this off-shoring of jobs, just as soon as the technology exists to enable it?  Call centers, Computer Science and coding, so many industries have suffered US Job loss in order to economize and maximize profit.

So all the white collar workers in the USA have to strive and climb the ladder to the point where they are so essential to the company that they are worth receiving continued employment.  All the lesser employees will be left behind.  And as foreigners enjoy US college and graduate degrees and speak perfect English, they can even eclipse the higher value US employees for a cost savings.  Lo and behold, this makes organizing for workers’ rights a complete impossibility; there are often 1000 eligible persons ready to take over if you so much as complain.

Meanwhile, jobs are automated; many by A.I., and many by robots.  We are looking at a near future where almost all jobs will be either unnecessary or replaceable.  There is a lawyer AI, a robot McDonalds servant, even android police units.  So what happens to the people?

Some people say that current events are due to the machinations of a cabal of evil men in power; the high priests of the technocracy, the billionaires and their government pawns.  Others ascribe current trends to an inexorable flow of history, the natural outcome of end-stage empire and capitalism.  Regardless of the power behind the change, the result is the same:  around 80% of humanity unemployed, with no access to official shelter, medicine, water, security, etc. and no way to obtain access, save a dog-eat-dog vicious struggle to become a corporate drone and begin climbing the ladder.  Sadly, their service to the corporate cabal only furthers global inequity.  And all this within a context of environmental collapse, where basic soil systems, fisheries and aquifers are rapidly destroyed.

So in essence, the Wuhan flu and the complete shit-show response by the fools in charge, and the complacent muggle-stepping of the masses, simply highlight pre-existing movements towards chaos and the end of global civilization.

The tragedies of WWII and the two decades that followed, which included hundreds of millions of untimely deaths due to famine, war, and the collapse of nations, occurred within a relatively tame and empty world.  Only 2.3billion people were living in 1939, and the pressures of an engineered financial collapse caused around 75million immediate deaths, with perhaps double that in the aftermath [read: Chinese and Indian Famine, revolutions, etc.]

So with the current population of more than 8billion (and rising fast, despite Wuhan Flu), we can easily expect hundreds of millions of deaths from the standard 4 horsemen of apocalypses.  Differences between 1939 and today include that a far higher percentage of people in the past lived from their land and were thus, less vulnerable to vicissitudes of the global financial system and food systems.  And that our planetary environment is in much less resilient shape now.  Ironically, the more desperate people become, the more trees they cut down for fuel, (due to no longer having access to natural gas/petrol etc, products of the global economy)., they harvest more animals, and even have more children.  This further stresses the planet.  Just look at the fires constantly burning around the world; yes, some of them are fueled by climate change induced drought.  But many others are caused by slash and burn herdsmen wanting to create pasturage for cattle in unexploited rainforest habitat.

So its a super grim reality.  And easy cause for depression and ennui.  But there are solutions.  My future blogs will be largely based on these solutions.  They start with individual health and spiritual wellness, extend to the blessing-up and empowerment of communities, despite Wuhan Flu restrictions, and eventually encompass our shadow-collective; the ideal and goal of a patchwork of privately owned human sanctuaries specializing in permaculture, food and water resilience, basic rights, species stewardship, and the nourishment of a global alliance of healer-warriors dedicated to caring for our planet and preserving the best of human culture.

Our future is in the stars, and safe at home, on a planet we love and cherish, all together, in peace.  We are so close to free energy, water (oxygen) powered rockets, the conquest of cancer, heart disease, all communicable diseases, etc.  We have the technology.  This time on earth’s history is crucial.  That’s why I am choosing total empowerment and love.  I am choosing a mission of togetherness and compassion and dedicating whole-heartedly to the safety of my family, my land, and all species.  It is time to align for God’s purpose and this is also the Goddess and the deity without gender.  In this, I have total faith in humanity.  The question is: do you choose to survive and thrive, to join this conscious effort to save our homes, to create life and space for others to thrive along with you, in a resilient and empowered wholeness?  Or do you attach to the end-state ennui and nihilism espoused by the false prophets of media and corporate greed?

It is time to break free.  Who is coming with me?


Our home grows steadily towards sustainability, peace, and public wellness. From the mountains of British Colombia to the Bay Area in California, from the river sheds of Idaho to the Hawaiian Archipelago, wisdom and trust guide our unfolding into the future.

By Alexander Diaz, LAc, FMP

Even while other parts of the U.S. descend into resource-extraction, income inequality, and environmental degradation, Cascadialoha makes tremendous strides forward to heal people and planet.  Our local laws protect underground aquifers, wildlife habitats, and waterways.  Our companies create new technologies and streamline manufacturing, to improve our transportation, healthcare, agriculture, and way of life. 

Cascadialoha’s people increase in health, wealth, freedom and happiness.  We witness sustained longevity with high quality of life as we expand the Blue Zones of good diet, environment, and community.  We heed the wisdom of our elders while constantly generating new paradigms of culture and sustainability.

Our youth, freed from the strictures of standard schooling, use the best of modern technology and ancient methods to attain true knowledge.  Children and young adults also learn non-violent communication, respect for the land, and the value of their own participation in the communal life.  Each generation heals more of the cultural wounds endemic to our society, passing a healthier and happier story onto their children.  Those children are born naturally, and raised on clean food, water, air, and lots of love.

Successful measures from other environmentally-friendly nations are modeled in our own society, increasing the taxes for citizens living beyond our environmental means, and using those funds to underwrite vast public works.  This provides an incentive for living humbly, while helping people concentrate on family fun, rather than wealth attainments.  Our environment becomes cleaner and healthier in the process. 

The habitats of species are protected and increased.  This not only benefits the species and the food webs they are involved in.  It also benefits the human community, as we experience profound personal catharsis in the wilderness.  We also derive thousands of valuable medicines from the intact, thriving ecosystem, that prolong life and wellness. 

Our medical care also models successful templates from abroad.  We meld eastern, western and new-paradigm medicine into a functional whole.  For a realistic cost, we provide the most effective treatment to patients.  These patients are also the beneficiaries of public exercise and education programs, a happy society, and a healthy, balanced environment. 

Our transportation system becomes the best in the world.  High speed rail spans the distance between north and south in a matter of hours, rather than days.  Local electric railways make city living enjoyable and stress-free, coupled with automated electric taxis and ample bike and walking lanes. 

As city centers, small towns and regions convert to sustainable transport, education, healthcare, and environmental protection, they become attractive places for emigration.  These emigrants boost property values, add to the tax base, and most importantly, contribute their work, culture, and sharing to the collective whole.  Our society becomes poly-lingual and poly-cultural, adding richness and depth to the experience of living together. 

Across the board, Cascadialoha decriminalizes all drugs.  We shift to the treatment of drug addiction as a disease, rather than the prosecution of drugs as a crime.  Our prison populations drop by 90%, saving tons of money and liberating hundreds of thousands of motivated young people, all of whom receive the support they need to make true gifts to the society.  Our production of high grade, legalized plant medicines becomes a vast financial nourishment, underwriting the social and environmental programs necessary for Cascadialoha to thrive.

Cascadialoha determines that it is not necessary to secede from the U.S..  However, it supports tax-refusals by individual citizens and companies, while blocking federal tax-agents and law enforcement from operation within Cascadialoha states, on fully legal and constitutional bases.  Further, we make strides towards the limitations of military bases and the strict control of environmental degradation via those centers. 

This time is a precious time.  It is a holy time.  We are at the precipice of something great.  In this cusp moment, our efforts must join together to create a wholesome and vital future for our children’s children.  With work, heart, and participation, we can create a society and a landscape that is a beacon for hope, education, environmentalism, and public welfare. 

The money, intelligence, technology, human capital, and desire are all present for the unfolding of this Cascadialoha Future.  In many ways, it is already happening.  Our work right now as Earth Healers is to keep building and reifying the story of a benevolent society, and to find the way that each of us can personally contribute to its creation. 

Simply by envisioning this future, and holding to the strong possibility of a near term creation of this sustainable world, we help manifest it.  I believe that we absolutely can create and ARE CREATING this world, right now.  As such, let us stay positive, dwell in trust and honor for the earth and eachother, and make our planet and our people totally healthy and well. 

Alexander Diaz is a Physician, Husband, Father, Son, Friend, and sometime Sage, residing on Hawaii.  His book, “The Path of Man: How to be a Hero,” is available on


Longevity, including the number of years we live and the quality of that life, is so precious.  Persons of all ages benefit from nourishing their wellness to increase longevity.  Every human being is a healer; a gift to the planet and to others.  Each soul has wisdom and work to share.  By shifting our narrative and embracing wholesome practices, we can live in great health past 100 years of age. 

By Alexander Diaz, LAc, FMP

As people get older, their bodies suffer illness and debility.  This makes life feel less worth living.  Then, the people become less motivated, causing a shifting narrative towards fatalism.  This is a slippery slope to a vicious cycle. 

But the illness and debility are not necessary.  All too often, people accept the suffering of their bodies as a basic effect of time.  Their language and story supports such victimhood.  While in reality, those people could enter superb vitality, and within the span of 1 year of hard work, experience a sense of health, happiness and peace that they never felt before. 

Healing takes discipline.  Each individual has his or her own specific path to health.  The common factor amongst all people is effort

We must stride forward into wellness.  We must create a plan to get well and implement that plan.  We must play and laugh and enjoy while we do it.  And if you put in the work, life gets better than you could ever have imagined. 

At some point in each person’s upbringing, he or she adopts a narrative about the amount of suffering that is, ‘right,’ to experience.  If the family home is violent in speech or deed, if the child is surrounded by dysfunction and hurt in school and activities, if the lineage of grandparents went through war or crisis, the person will expect a high amount of suffering. 

As we live in a very abundant and safe world, most of that person’s suffering will be internal; either in self-created sabotage and strife at work or with loved ones, or in patterns of ill-health that seem to perpetuate themselves forever. 

So the most important step in creating longevity, in having a vital, healthy, long life, is to deconstruct your subconscious’ agreement about how much suffering you should be enduring.  Consciously, we are hard-pressed to agree that we should be sick or in pain or unloved.  But the subconscious has signed up for this suffering before our current, adult consciousness was even properly formed. 

There is some foundational work to do.  As we shift our beliefs, we write our reality.  Actually making the steps to improve health is easy, once we decide we are worthy of wellness and love

So how can we access this worthiness, this self-love, this acceptance of the miracle of each moment that makes living longer and better into a MUST-DO Goal?

The simplest way is by deciding to serve others.  We must be healthy and well for as long as we can, so that we can help other beings.  Sometimes, it is easier to rationalize caring for ourselves if we view ourselves as vehicles of benefit.  Since the other beings are suffering, we ourselves must be strong and well to aid them.

If you struggle to care about others, its largely because you felt and still feel that others never cared about you.  But the real existence of every person is dependent on a million nourishing factors and events; every bite of food, breath of air, drink of water, night of sleep sheltered from the elements is because of the LIFE of other beings.  However conscious those beings were of wanting to specifically gift to you, they did provide those gifts, and you are alive. 

If you take the leap to let yourself be loved, you can branch out to loving relationships, and witness how others give to you and love you.  If you enter a state of peace, through meditation, you can remember the times you were held, fed and cared for.  Then you can help others. 

Another valuable way to rationalize self-love and self care is to seek your own existential nature through spiritual practice.  Whatever the particular path, spiritual and religious attainments commonly lead to the recognition of self as divine and worthy.

Let me just say that each and every person is worthy of health and love.  No matter what you have done, what crimes you committed, what people you slept with under ignominious communication, what ways you have used your time, YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE AND HEALTH.

Simply by the nature of existence, all beings deserve safety, freedom, nourishment, and a chance to unfold towards divinity.

As you believe, so you achieve. 

To achieve wellness and longevity, we have discovered some valuable jewels of knowledge.  When applied, this knowledge actively increases life-span and health span. 

HEALTHY DIET:  Eating right is so important to good health.  For this I recommend an appropriately tailored Paleo diet, rich in all essential nutrients, and sourced organically from sustainable farms and the wild. 

GOOD COMMUNITY:  The Blue Zone studies found definitive evidence that longevity is correlated with healthy and loving community.  Having a group of best friends and feeling supported is essential to human wellness.  In creating good community, the most important thing is to take 100% personal responsibility for your gifts and offerings to others, without expecting direct or immediate renumeration.  Friendship is all about giving.  As judgments of others arise, witness whether the characteristics you are judging actually cause suffering to you or to other people, or if they simply cause suffering within the individual you are judging.  If you can recognize and actualize your own safety, you can have compassion for the quality you had judged.  Perhaps you can even lovingly and appropriately help the person.  By releasing judgments and feeling safe, you can continually and increasingly open your heart to people, despite their humanity. 

PEACEFUL LIFESTYLE:  Every person has a different degree of financial empowerment and resource.  Not everyone is able to work less, have shorter commutes, enjoy their livelihood, and take vacations.  We have children and parents and partners to care for.  But every individual can optimize the levels of tranquility, leisure, balance, and reflection within their life-circumstances.  This effort is essential to longevity.  Meanwhile we often find surprising opportunities to level up in job, lifestyle, and leisure, once we heal our beliefs about our own worthiness and take steps towards real healing.  You can inhabit your dreams and live the life you choose.  Doing so is essential to total wellness.  [Check out my chapter: Breaking out of The Cubicle, in “The Path of Man,”]

GOOD SURROUNDINGS:  Feng Shui does not just apply to what corner of your house you put the bed in.  It applies to what spots on the planet you place yourself and your family.  In truth, many cities and other spaces are quite toxic, and foreshorten longevity.  When at all possible, relocate yourself to places with fresh air and clean water, with access to organic food.  When you get there, do your best to participate in nourishing and improving those places.  Relocating is not easy for all people.  But if you want to prioritize longevity and wellness, you have to be in a clean environment.  You must also clean up your own house-hold because molds and other pollutants are being found to be super dangerous to human health.

NATURE CONNECTION:  Human beings are wild animals.  We evolved in nature, not in buildings or cars.  The more connected we are with nature, the healthier we become.  This could include gardening, hiking, swimming, camping, or simply witnessing the living presence of plants and animals.  As your health improves, your energy and resilience to the elements will rise, making it more comfortable to be outside.  This is a great upward spiral.  The deepest beauty and most poignant miracles occur in natural places while in connection with the all.

GONG FU PRACTICE IN RIGHT BALANCE:  It is so important to find the right practices for yourself.  They should be not too much or too little.  They should vary and have different styles of training (strong weights, intermittent cardio, whole range of human motion), and leave you feeling good.  I view my practices as wonderful opportunities and I feel so grateful to have the time and energy to do them.  I used to view them as chores to accomplish.  Ideally you should feel a sense of excitement and play about embodying your physicality and moving with purpose and pleasure. 

MAKING THE STEPS TO HEAL AT ANY AGE:  First you must identify the sources of suffering:  perhaps your body is well but you are suffering mentally, because you cannot trust your spouse.  Perhaps your back is in such severe pain, it creates a dis-incentive to walking.  Perhaps your menses causes such discomfort, you spend the rest of the month recovering.  When you find the causes of your suffering, you can act steadily and smartly to heal them.  If you can get to a place where you are not suffering physically, and you have your basic needs met, you can embrace the process of healing your mental suffering.  There are books, practices, and professional assistance for every class of suffering.  Its just a matter of actively pursuing them and knowing you’re working on it. 

RETHINKING THE PARADIGM:  Even as we deconstruct the consumer meme of youth and valuing ourselves as only hyper fit, hyper sexual beings, and embrace the pure merit and value of self and others simply due to our existence, we have a larger memetic shift to contend with:  Namely, what are we actually doing on this planet?  Are we here to enjoy pleasure, to consume, to tacitly witness and support the changing of our climate until it is unfit for human habitation? 

Unfortunately this is the dominant paradigm.  Not only does that paradigm threaten all life on earth.  It threatens the ability of each individual to merit his or her own life.  Those individuals are then hamstrung in their abilities to benefit other beings. 

So in the path of nourishing individual longevity, it is vital to look at the greater narrative about temporary human existence on planet earth.  I posit that we are here in celebration, in divinity, in joy and purpose.  We are here to experience the fear of hunger, wet, cold, and illness, and to transcend that fear, returning to the divine source of trust, peace, service, and sharing that is the birthright of all beings. 

Yes, our individual life is temporary.  But the wholeness of all life is infinite.  Instead of being so attached to our personal existence that we suffer and fail to aid others, we must give infinite gratitude to our lives and the phenomena that existed before us to create that possibility.  We must laugh and play and think and work for this planet and for all beings. 

Here is the deal:  The planet is ready to provide you with incredibly powerful medicine, clean air, fresh water, rich food, ample fuel, and everything you need to thrive.  You need not feel guilty about embracing that abundance!

Embrace it, and become the best person you can be.  We humans are the most conscious and powerful animals alive today and we can steward and protect all other species!

Dying early and suffering unnecessarily do not benefit anyone or anything.  Living long and well and continuing to make steps towards enlightenment and planetary sustainability DO create a HUGE benefit. 

So do your work, re-frame your paradigm, and take conscious action to heal yourself and end the suffering of others. 

With advances in modern medicine and adherence to ancient knowledge, humans in the developed world are looking at a possible lifespan well exceeding 100 years.  What will we do with all this time?  Who are we and how do we most deeply wish to participate?  What does a sustainable and abundant planet look like, and how does human society support this? 

Here’s wishing everyone 100 years of wellness, and the power to make a healthy world that supports the full life-span of all creatures. 




In Functional Medicine, the nervous system is an important factor in the total health of a person.  When the nervous system is functioning well, cortisol levels stay within the optimum range.  This creates a series of down-stream effects that harmonize and regulate functions like immunity, heart rate, thyroid secretions, blood sugar regulation, and sex hormones.

By Alexander Diaz, LAc, FMP

Thus, healing and supporting the nervous system by helping it to enter the, ‘rest and digest,’ mode, is critical to unwinding many common diseases.  In fact, because the conscious mind can alter breathing and thought patterns, mobilizing our nervous systems for health is one of the most effective ways to improve down-stream function of all physical capacities. 

When a patient is unwell, clinicians determine the causes of the illness.  In most cases, there are a number of inter-related causes, that often impact and worsen each other in a downward spiral of etiology.  So we work with patients to affect change in as many of those causative factors as possible. 

The more diligent our combined efforts, the stronger and faster will be the healing.  And just as disease factors have a way of spiraling downward and degrading health, healing factors spiral upwards and link the patient with sensations of hope, wellness and progress that further their resolve to exercise, eat right, and think peacefully.

Pound for pound, efforts to heal the nervous system have some of the most significant results of any modality.  Individuals can take charge of their mindful wellness, and begin making real changes.  These changes ultimately add to the harmony and healthy functioning of the human system. 

Yet this individual effort is often quite challenging, because of context.  The patient is attempting to heal his or her nervous system, with a narrative such as, “I am safe, there is enough food, I earn enough money, I am trusted, people love me, I can love people and not be betrayed,”.  Unfortunately that narrative may not actually match the reality of the patient’s world. 

Our human society is the space within which all healing occurs.  And it is a society full of suffering, deficiency, violence, and pain.  This pain, just like the single patient’s disease causes, tends to spiral downwards.  And whether we are working with an individual or with the whole society, it is critical to look at the reality of TRAUMA GENESIS. 

As a single person receives trauma, he learns to think of himself first.  He believes, based on personal experience, that the world is an unsafe place.  He must be vigilant, cold, cunning, ruthless, to survive.  His life decisions and method of interacting with people and planet become jaded and harsh.  In many cases, he overcompensates, scrambling after wealth attainments in order to salve the wounds of his past. 

As human society receives trauma, the direction and narrative of whole nations moves towards a similar means as the traumatized individual.  The repercussions are devastating.  Memes of rape, murder and profiteering become the norm, and are rationalized through media and institutions.  The cycle worsens and continues.

Just as the mind and body are actually one single entity, individual humans and human society are an inexorably linked, unified whole.  To create the best healing outcomes, we must shift our fundamental understanding of concepts to reflect this wholeness. 

As clinicians help our patients to heal their nervous systems, we contribute to the unified field of all nervous systems.  The greater the total quotient of internal peace, trust, abundance, and hope that exists within the meta-psyche of humanity, the more quickly that human society will move towards decreasing trauma genesis.  Creating this upward spiral of healing on our planet is the most efficient way for us to save our habitat and protect the seven generations.

But beyond helping individual patients, in order to contribute to the unified consciousness field—which is a great service—we must also make cogent efforts to examine and improve the global human narrative.  This means creating sustainable change in our bio-regions to grow a real context of peace, love and prosperity; a space for less fortunate peoples’ nervous systems to heal. 

Ultimately it is not possible for a human being to fool themselves into believing the world is safe and trustworthy, unless there is abundant evidence that it truly is!  However, it is very easy for a human to believe the world is unsafe, if they have enough frequency and intensity of trauma experiences to keep their nervous systems within that unhealthy range. 

For example, only a minuscule percentage of U.S. citizens were killed by terrorist attacks.  In fact, there hasn’t been an extant threat for 16 years.  Yet media, including fictional shows and movies and ‘non-fiction,’ news outlets, keeps the trauma genesis alive and thriving, causing severe cumulative impacts on the health of our society. 

Ironically, the [easy] repetition of this trauma genesis within western society informs a militarized interaction with other cultures.  The anonymous death-from-above meted out in the name of stopping terrorism causes a tremendous worsening in the real situation of millions of people.  So many are wounded or suffer the loss of family members, that they are inexorably bound in a life of trauma.  They then broadcast that trauma to others and contribute to the downward spiral. 

So from a psychological view, groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are more just agglomerations of traumatized, scared people, reacting as humans are wont to do under circumstances of insecurity and oppression.  This is not to support nor rationalize the actions of such groups.  Rather, it is to highlight the effects of trauma genesis, coming from an unconscious and unbroken string of traumas, going back thousands of years. 

Western nations’ bombing and violence were the crucible that formed many so called, ‘terrorist groups,’.  But what formed the trauma in western nations that preceded this attack?  Trauma genesis reaches back into the distant past, and lives within the narrative of cultures.  So to truly heal ourselves and our planet, we must do the work of examining the past, finding where the fear originated, and realizing we can let it go. 

America was an isolationist country, forced into WWII and our role as international hero through a premeditated attack at Pearl Harbor.  Our back-lash reaction caused the death of tens of millions of Japanese and German civilians, while defeating the discernibly evil nations of the Axis.

The colonization of the Americas was carried out by people fleeing from religious and ethnic oppression in Europe.  The birth of most western nations came through violent revolution against colonial powers.  Our history is filled with war and pain.

Europe was a terrifying place, where absolute monarchs and an oppressive church meted out death at will.  Food and resources were scarce, and war was constant.  The trauma genesis of Europe dates back to the times of the Roman Empire, when traumatized people marched forth to enslave and extract from neighboring tribes, spiraling down a story of hate and fear. 

The trauma of Rome dates back to its early defeat and sacking at the hands of the Gauls in 396B.C.E.  After this rape and murder, the Roman people formed themselves into a great military machine.  400 years later, Julius Ceasar’s legions meted out a similar punishment, largely to ethnic Gauls. 

History is not filled with the actions of evil men.  It is filled with the unconscious expression of trauma, through entire cultural narratives.  As such, to create the greatest healing impacts, every conscious human being must help contribute to the medicine of our cultures and stories. 

We can only go so far by healing individuals.  We must work together to heal the whole.  But in today’s world, conscious individuals do not necessarily have the authority to influence the actions of governments or large power structures.  This can be frustrating in the extreme. 

Yet we as conscious beings do have a great power.  In fact, this power is the only pure light that can shine into the dark recesses of the human soul, and medicine ourselves back from the brink of ecological suicide.  It is a power vested in belief. 

We must believe that the world is safe, abundant, and good.  We must perceive Mother Earth as the perfect haven for our lives and the lives of all species.  We must trust in others and ourselves to create space for not only surviving, but thriving. 

And we must actually create that world, actively, with our every thought, word and deed.  The more conscious one becomes, the more inner authority is cultivated.  This inner authority rejects and dismisses thoughts of greed and fear.  It holds to the truth of love.  And it informs action.

There are myriad ways to create safe space.  We must create space within ourselves, overcoming fear and anger.  We must create space within our families, soothing patterns of fighting and argument to find compromise and harmony.  We must create space within our workplaces, holding our hearts above pettiness and judgment.  We must create space within our land, cultivating the soil and enjoying the abundance of Gaia’s bounty.

And every iota of effort we-as-healers put into creating this space, ripples out into infinity.  We cannot even fathom the down-stream impacts of the humble work we do to make a safer and more peaceful world. 

For the world, as a peaceful or as a violent place, is simply a gestalt accumulation of the actions and thoughts, whether conscious or subconscious, of the totality of humanity, interacting with all species.  There is no magic button that switches us over to planetary harmony.  There is just the hard work of building a resilient mind that actually recognizes the merit of each moment, and letting that mind inform one’s communication and service. 

And fortunately, this work DOES build critical mass.  We begin witnessing outcomes, not only in individual human wellness, as many of us heal and feel safe and become empowered; but in social wellness, as the general zeitgeist of national and cultural narratives moves towards the light of love. 

This takes time and energy.  But it does develop momentum.  In 1833, the British Empire outlawed slavery.  It took 30 more years to abolish the practice in the US.  Other nations took even longer.  Today, despite some pernicious racism, slavery is drastically reduced in the world. 

Change can, does, and is happening.  My entreaty to you is to make that change a conscious medicine-work.  To embrace the truth of your space in the world right now: you are healthy, safe, and held. 

While our president and our government are acting out of trauma genesis, and finding support from scared, traumatized people, we can hold space for their healing.  We can remember the way of peace, the way of God.  We can make huge, limitless changes in the lives of others and ripple out the consciousness of trust and abundance to all corners.  There is no stopping us.  We are safe, and we are free. 

Alexander Diaz is a practicing clinician in Hawaii.  His book, “The Path of Man: How to be a Hero,” is available for purchase on, or as a free e-book with subscription to his mailing list. 



Thanks and blessing to all the brave souls supporting the healing of Tropical Storm Harvey’s damage in the Gulf States. And warm compassion to the families suffering without food, water, shelter, and safety.

Climatic events like Harvey highlight the thin line between first and third world realities.  The very fabric of the state is largely dependent on the maintenance of systems of food, water, shelter, and safety distribution. 

I had the privilege of assisting the Hurricane Katrina relief effort for a very brief time in 2005, just after the storm. 

I saw a dystopian future, unfolding.  A world of mega-storms, toxic waste sites, and destruction.  A people existing within the former spaces of America, but become Africans, tribes-persons on the run from starvation.

Many were shot down in the streets, killed by police, or by vendettas.  It was a haunting time.  A time of quiet and darkness in the night, punctuated by gunshots.  The air, thick with pesticides dropped from military airplanes, not yards above the homes of former Black Panthers, now organizing the relief effort.

12 years later, Harvey blasts through, affecting an area larger than that affected by Katrina.  From a public health perspective, the operative danger is from the damage to waste water treatment plants.

We have a huge number of human beings on the planet.  They are largely concentrated in dense cities and towns.  The human waste produced by these communities is, especially en masse, highly toxic to many creatures, including and especially the humans themselves.

Fecaform pathogens are possibly the most serious public health risk on the planet.  Indeed, more deaths accrue, worldwide, from dehydration due to dysenteric and other bowel pathogens than any other cause of death. 

When the first world turns into the third world, it gets third world problems.  It also reaps the harvest of local environmental destruction.  Texas and the Gulf will suffer grievously from the flooding and damage to 13 superfund sites.  These mega-toxins will in all likelihood spike cancer and other causes of death in the local people, and severely harm all local life. 

The tragedy of the Gulf is that as the ocean rises, it washes the oil ashore.  When the ocean recedes it leaves the oil, the heavy metals, the poisons.  All to support the profit of a few rich oil companies. 

We must respond to public emergencies with focus, drive, and compassion.  Harvey, Sandy, Colorado, even Katrina all highlight the speedy and selfless response to crises that Americans marshal in the time of need.

But what of the long term destruction?  What of the chemicals, the oil spilled?  What of the streams destroyed, the species lost?  What of the people, suffering early death and painful disease? 

To examine solutions to these long term issues is necessary.  To enact them with the full will of the public is essential. 

Yet even as we examine the implications of long term damage, we must also look at the greater destruction, woven into our cultural narrative.  Why do toxic waste sites exist in the first place?  Can’t we live in a world free of such poisons? 

Our future will INEVITABLY contain mounting environmental and climatic events.  The oceans are rising.  With 7.5 Billion people on the planet and rising fast, we may witness upwards of 3Billion refugees and displaced persons at any one time. 

We need to cheaply, abundantly, sustainably, and quickly provide the means of supporting life to these people in need.  This will take a re-invigoration of our knowledge and planning, a mass of dedicated aid workers, and a vast amount of money and resources. 

For just as in the paradigm of healing the individual, either we invest, or we face deaths. 

Human beings have a biological imperative to survive.  With limited resources, they will band together, and do whatever they have to do. 

Herein we witness the historic trend of singular types of destabilization, such as climate change, plague, war, and the breakdown of the state, to begin a downward spiral of global destabilization. 

We must unite in decency, for human justice, and the benefit of all species! We must take the initiative in supporting communities’ survival and stabilizing into safety. 

May all beings be safe, free from suffering, and attain enlightenment


Every so often I feel the need to synthesize and understand the chaos that is unfolding in our global society.  As a father, I feel that it behooves me to be aware of the world situation, and make good decisions to help my family and community thrive within this shifting context.  Although the common narrative bespeaks a grim and uncertain future, there are many beacons of hope.  And while the U.S.A. continues to make poor choices in its foreign and domestic policies, an alliance of global actors are moving towards a new hegemony, wherein whole planetary wellness is a top priority.

By Alexander Diaz, LAc, FMP

Global wealth is growing.  Populations are sharply on the rise.  Hundreds of millions of people are attaining middle class lifestyles, and millions of people are becoming millionaires.  Meanwhile, abject poverty rules the lives of more than two billion persons, much of which is an unnecessary externality of wealth disparity and poor planning and distribution.

Since 9/11/2001, the U.S. has engaged in two major foreign wars, and sent soldiers and air-strikes to many other conflicts.  Instead of combating militant islamists, this policy has ignited a brushfire of jihad that crosses international borders with impunity.  Moderately stable nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya have become failed states, and breeding grounds for the genesis of trauma.  This trauma cycles out in infinite spirals, exacerbating ethnic, religious and political tensions and creating vast humanitarian crises. 

All war defies the containment of artificial borders.  Just as the war in Vietnam spread its horror to Lao, Cambodia and China, the Iraq war laid the foundation for the emergence of ISIS, and the war in Syria.  Similarly, as the U.S.’ ousting of the Taliban from Afghanistan temporarily ‘liberated,’ the Afghan people, neighboring Pakistan became host to Taliban forces, who are now rapidly re-taking Afghanistan, despite the opposition of the unmotivated military of the Afghan state.

Refugee crises engendered by such conflicts make waves into Europe and east Asia.  As millions seek asylum and safety, wealthier and more stable nations such as Germany, France, England, Turkey, etc are trending towards nationalist and ethnically xenophobic political policies, largely in order to maintain national identity and the fiscal sustainability of the state.

As such, formerly liberal nations are taking increasingly racist and hateful stances.   

This global trend is also rising in the United States.  The millions of deportees sent away by the Obama administration are now being followed by millions more.  Civil liberties and the protections of the constitution are eroded, with full public mandate and little protest or even awareness.  This propaganda-supported xenophobia is a convenient fiction used by many historic rulers to hide the true motives of the state.

In effect, we now witness the full expression of wealth disparity, resource exploitation and the dismantling of public welfare.  Democratically socialist measures hard won by our ancestors are dismissed with full congressional and judiciary fiat, in favor of corporate welfare bordering on the realm of facism.  The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. 

The United States is quickly waning as a world power.  China is rising to displace it, and China is not alone.  Outside of the U.S., nation after nation comes to understand the risks and dangers of following the U.S. program.  The hypocrisy and illegitimacy of our actions has alienated the alliance of nations.  All of those nations now look to the future and understand the futility of working with the U.S. and its foreign policy arms: The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

With its position in the world, its universities, its resources, its media, its markets, its personnel, and its military, the United States could have chosen to write a truly benevolent global future.  But the actions of our foreign and domestic policies were never in keeping with the moral agenda stated and often used to rationalize our sordid works. 

We could be living in a world of clean energy, peace, and the rule of international law and morality.  But instead, we live in a destabilized world, where economic and environmental collapse seem imminent.  This profound misfortune, however, is not written in stone, nor is it impossible to reverse. 

Indeed, a vital, peaceful, and prosperous world is not only possible, it is probable and likely.  Though we are unaware of it due to the poor reporting of our media, there is now a global renaissance of sustainable thought and direct action.  Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, Corporations, and individual and community actors are all moving towards a common source of ecological stewardship.

A vast association of nations is forming through the auspices of humble diplomacy and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.  The One Belt One Road initiative is linking China to Central Asia, Southern Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, Korea, Japan, and Oceania.  The arteries of trade, power, rail, and commodities reach directly to Western Europe and Eastern Africa.  Railheads traverse the African Continent to the wealthy up and coming nations of Western Africa, and a vast canal project in Nicaragua offers access through the middle of the western Hemisphere. 

These nations, who are coming to include even staunch U.S, allies like the United Kingdom and Australia, are gradually and rapidly dissociating themselves from dependence on trade in U.S. dollars, U.S. foreign aid, U.S. military occupation, World Bank loans and the like, in favor of a gold-backed currency, the Chinese RMB.  They are receiving billions of dollars in investment for infrastructure, education, public health, and the basis for a globalized trade that brings actual benefit to their populaces. 

Within this rapid growth are certain inexorable trends that take root in the center [China] and are becoming quickly adopted in the periphery.  Among these are green technology, ethical morality in government, sound fiscal planning, non-violent foreign policy, stable trade relations, an increasing liberalization and democratization of the social commons, and the search for happiness. 

While China is currently a user of Coal and Nuclear energy, Chinese policy is to invest in vast green energy infrastructure.  As pilot projects succeed and provide data, they are then repeated at lightning speed, a prerogative of authoritarian rule that is pragmatic in its decision making.  Within a short span of years, China will mirror and then surpass the green policies, urban and hydrologic planning of the most advanced nations such as Singapore and Sweden.  Chinese authorities are aware that such environmental initiatives go hand in hand with wealth, public prosperity, and as such, the continued mandate of the people to maintain party leadership.

With wealth comes the ability to invest in sustainable infrastructure.  While the U.S. chose and chooses to instead denude its environment, infrastructure and people, China heads an alliance that takes the opposite tack.  As they do so, they produce millions of brilliant minds who are enabled and supported to create even more sustainable growth.  As nations mature and prosper under the new trade agreements and arteries of physical and intellectual interchange, they have positive incentives to model this sustainable growth for their own wellness.

This shift comes never too soon:  The actual material and environmental problems of the world are grave.  Unfortunately, the current moral leadership of global public policy has destroyed its own credibility through war, exploitation, and abhorrent foreign diplomacy.  We can only hope that emerging nations can quickly de-colonize their cultural mindsets, reducing and eliminating the supremacy of American thinking and policy.

For Americans, this time is a particularly depressing era:  We have borne witness to decades of immoral demagoguery and paid taxes towards war crimes and genocide.  The current president is the worst of a lineage of puppets, whose strings were pulled by an immature and egoistic elite having no understanding or concern for the environment or common weal. 

Thus, we as Americans need to release ourselves from the fear-anger-hopelessness cycle of being spectators and commentators to our own incestuous internal dialogue.  It is not important that the U.S. be a moral leader or have ultimate power.  It never was a moral leader: this was a convenient fiction used to delude us to the true purpose of our policies: the enrichment of the few. 

The sooner that we as Americans can relinquish this false narrative of the erstwhile moral supremacy of our nation and the grief-laden tragedy of its demise, the sooner we can make cogent action for the global future. 

That action need not be turned towards Washington; the leaders of the state will do as they please, and continue their evil works, invasions, and economic exploitations.  But on the local level, we can make huge differences. 

Locally, we can thrive.  We can honor our landscape, pressure our state, county and city leaders, and take care of ourselves and each other.  We need every American to be healthy, and freed of the shackles of prescription drugs, mood enhancers, addictive foods and substances, false beliefs, and poverty.  As we emerge into full health and personal power, we can decide how best to serve in the world. 

And amidst this healing journey, which is itself experiencing a quiet renaissance that goes unreported by our media, is a potent and timely task: We must convert dollar wealth, i.e. electronic savings and cash money, into real wealth, i.e. property, education, the means of production, and personal wellness. 

This task is so important because we are already witnessing rapid inflation and a decrease in the value of the dollar.  As such it is imperative that we act now to secure the best possible sustainable future for ourselves, even as our leaders fail to chart a course towards sanity.

While I grow my practice of Chinese Medicine, earning more money and healing others, I plow that money back into the soil of my family’s health and wealth position.  We now seek to own property in the most sustainable place we have found, Hawaii.  We purchase naturopathic treatments, massages, herbal medicines and wholesome experiences that grow our unity and spiritual alignment.  We move decisively towards a micro-future of wellness that we hope best supports the macro-future of global sustainability.  And we release ourselves from the drama of American Politics, and look to the greater trends in the world for solace. 

We rest assured that millions of human beings are striding towards peace and sustainability.  It is now our task as Americans to learn how to humble ourselves, and join the alliance of global actors motivated to heal the problems of our world, and create a better future for our Children’s Children.   



Yesterday, many bemoaned the ascendance of Donald Trump to the position of U.S. President. Today, millions of women and supporting men take to the streets in protest marches, concerned with the implications of Trump’s leadership upon their daily lives. Americans and world commentators are occupied with a dramatic change of the guard. Meanwhile, the true shift of power is occurring, globally, while we are distracted by this unfortunate charade.

U.S. ascendancy is finished.  The supposed borders and boundaries of nation-states have become more of a convenient fiction, hiding the true nature of power and influence.  The rhetoric of preserving national wellness and demographic ethnicity is a useful tool to control the public, while a clever and multifaceted hegemony is created by wealthy capitalists.

Obama supported vast hydro-fracking and resource exploitation in the name of controlling our own sources of fuel.  However, the majority of domestically produced petroleum and natural gas is transshipped to China.  This is possible due to an artificial economic relationship between the U.S. and China. 

The U.S./China partnership devalues the Chinese currency.  This low cost of currency allows Chinese products to be sold relatively cheaply.  Thus, China enjoys the vast wealth gathering possible through the sale of exports. 

China uses this money to build infrastructure and greater production at home, create relationship with resource rich nations abroad by constructing bridges, ports, railways, etc., purchase important resources such as gold, silver and steel, secure pipelines for fossil fuels, and finally, re-invest in foreign debt.

Thus, China prospers and grows at record rates, while owning an increasing portion of U.S. debt.  This ownership of debt is a political lever: the threat of collecting on that debt puts tremendous political pressure on the U.S., because if China wished to collect, the U.S. would have no recourse other than to take out more debt from different countries in order to pay the Chinese.  This creates a snow ball effect because in taking out more debt, our bond rating, meaning the interest rate we are forced to pay on bonds [read: portions of our debt] that other nations and individuals own, is higher.  To pay that higher interest, yet more debt need be incurred.

The second major political lever is simply for China to refuse to purchase more of our bonds than they already have.  Even this decision has major normative impacts on U.S. policy.  We need other nations to purchase our bonds in order for our government to continue to operate.  If they choose to not invest in the U.S., it threatens the very fabric of civil society.

At the moment, China is dumping U.S. debt.  They would never do this with excess speed or immediacy.  They have already calculated the exact rate at which they can transition from the current situation, where their own currency is de-valued, they own U.S. debt, and they market most of their products to our consumers, to the probable future of Chinese Hegemony that we already witness unfolding.

In this near-term future, China secures enough internal (within China) and external (In nations other than the U.S.) market share to be able to sell their products.  They must have this developed market in order to keep their people employed.  So long as enough Chinese are gainfully employed and able to enjoy the benefits of modern life, the government of China maintains an acceptable mandate to do as they wish.  This can and does mean that a high percentage of citizens are suffering abject poverty, toxic exposures, oppression, and human rights violation.  The fundamental values of civil society in China have ever been amoral, which the west has trouble understanding.  At any time throughout history, China was willing to sacrifice half of more of the population to realize a long term strategy of increased wealth and power. 

Western governments, specifically in the U.S., could never achieve such a dramatic indulgence.  The narrative of freedom, democracy, and self-preservation would cause violent uprisings long before a situation on par with China’s abuses became realized.  But in China, this level of sacrifice is possible, likely, and part of historical precedent.

Thus, China has already worked out the acceptable losses of humans, habitats, rivers, etc., in their bid for power.  They are making smart moves to minimize this loss and maximize the likelihood of maintaining enough public fiat, through enriching large sectors of that public, to move forward in this next great leap.

In changing from the current policy of cultivating U.S. debt and market shares, to the future policy of total global dominance, China first creates no-strings-attached relationships to foreign nations.  They make vast investments, possible due to their export/import imbalance, and nourish a diplomacy wherein Chinese business can flourish. 

China moves towards the following goals with inexorable progress and will:

-Unrestricted global movement of goods into foreign markets through a vast network of roads, airports, ocean shipping, and railways.

-Unrestricted placement of permanent Chinese personnel in foreign nations, first as guest workers and contractors, then as citizens and business owners.

-Full control of gold and silver bullion, creating the first significant precious metal backed currency in the modern era.

-Supplanting the dollar with the RMB as the main international currency for trades.

-Ownership of foreign debt, to be used as political leverage.

-Ownership of property, including productive land, infrastructure, and stocks in major corporations.

-Successful geo-political outmanuvering of rival nations to attain territorial dominance.  (i.e. China has created harmonious relationships with Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, nourished the armed forces of those nations, built roads equipped to move trucks and armor, and even constructed military bases.  They have built artificial islands with military jet bases to expand their resource exploitation into the sovereign territorial waters of other maritime neighbors such as Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines)

-Construction of mega-city regions as the highest beacon of technology and urbanization.

-Regional destabilization of resource rich nations, allowing Chinese investment and eventual harmonious relationship, through wars fought by client states [read: U.S.A.].

-The end of the one-child policy and an era of expansion of the Han ethnicity.

One must applaud the Chinese method of achieving these goals.  Instead of territorial military invasions, they give support, lend money, build necessary infrastructure, create businesses, and flood regions with products that make life more comfortable and modern for affordable prices.

Even as the U.S. builds new aircraft carriers and expensive jet fighters, carrying on two endless wars and being involved in shooting-wars in no less than 6 other countries, China builds pipelines and relationships the world over.  By trading directly with Iran, China secures the flagship of petro-resources in the world. 

So, while most U.S. citizens concern themselves with the song and dance of electoral politics, a tyrannical and genocidal nation is using the utmost subtlety to attain true control over the entire world.  Certainly, an insane president with control of nuclear weapons (Trump) is a real threat to human life.  But it is highly unlikely that Trump will do such an insane act. 

More likely is that Trump is a continuation of a dramatic narrative designed to obfuscate the truth and delude the public, while the real bid for power goes on behind the curtain.  Alongside previous presidents and executive cabinets, Trump secretly serves the Chinese and the ostensibly U.S. based banking firms that make the real decisions in the world. 

Ignoring the emotional critiques of Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Bush senior, we can make an accurate assessment of the true aim of all recent administrations: To support the ultimate overthrow of U.S. hegemony, eliminate democracies, human rights, and the rule of law, nourish Chinese supremacy, and make a ton of money in the process.

They have done and will continue to do so by utilizing a false rhetoric that is exactly opposite of their actual plan: viz., they speak to supporting democracy, defending human rights, and limiting power and financial corruption in government. 

So I support the efforts of women to protest Trump.  I support those Americans who made strong efforts to uphold the remnants of our democracy and electoral process.  But I point out in sadness and realism that a much more insidious power grab, which puts women, children, all people and places in much greater danger, is going on under our noses. 

Thus my call to action:  Let us not be distracted and deluded by the fiction of our news media and false political process.  Instead I suggest we nourish and unfold our own divine wellness and truth.  We cannot rely on government to provide solutions to our problems.  But in personal and community empowerment, we can utilize all available technology, from meditation to solar panels, from video chats to soil science, creating a better future.

And finally, let us not judge, demonize or hate the nation of China or its people.  They are human beings just like us, caught in the same web of Man vs Nature narrative that brought us to this global crisis well before the Chinese resumed power in modern times. 

China and its people, paradoxically, may represent the best opportunity for the healing of the world and the creation of harmony with nature.  China leads the world by huge margins in producing solar, wind and hydroelectricity, in planting trees, in materials efficiency during construction and manufacturing processes, in medical outcomes per price, and many other significant areas. 

With the right relationship, this pre-existing propensity for ecological and human thriving can be cultivated into the template of global habitat protection.  In this, China is neither good nor evil.  It is simply powerful and motivated.  Given the right communication, support, respect, and tools, China may well become an enlightened nation that protects human rights and the life of all species and environments.

Thus, while current memes of habitat and human destruction might be extrapolated into a future of horror and suffering, the investment of energy into new and burgeoning memes of sustainability and justice could have far reaching, exponentially multiplied effects upon the world stage. 

Even as the near term future bespeaks an era of crisis through a phase of shifting hegemony, the medium and long term future of the world could emerge in exactly the right direction. 

Of paramount importance in the writing of this future history is actually the successful modeling of the self-same behaviors that allow the Chinese to come to power.  Namely, by respect, nourishment, abundance, benevolence, non-violence, and investment, we earth-minded actors can have profound influence within and without China. 

Realistically, there can be no resistance to the expansion of Chinese global eminence.  As they are simply doing the same thing that the U.S. did, at a greater scale, we also hold no moral high ground from which to judge.  Rather, we have had enough time enjoying the fruits of global hegemony to begin thinking altruistically and creating the skills and memes that may actually save the world as a place fit for human habitation. 

Now, we must use these skills and memes to respectfully and non violently cultivate a morally upstanding and righteous future.  This is the best use of our time and energy, which has been diluted and dissipated with worries and concerns over domestic politics and xenophobic fear-mongering.

Blessings to all the healers and fighters.  We must adapt.  We must flow like water.  And I, for one, am learning Chinese.

[Alexander Diaz is Author of, “The Path of Man, How to be a Hero,” available on]